Linking to Your Facebook Page

Did you know that you can include active links to the header section of your Facebook Page? You can! As everyone knows, the site offers active links once a viewer clicks through to the About Section, but many are unaware that a URL can be made active on the front page. No need to hope your reader clicks through(think about how often YOU do so on the page of another).

Here’s example, where I include the link to the Build Your Own Small Business website (

How to create the link? It’s very easy. Simply:
– Go the Edit Page/Update Info
– In the About Section, include the link(shown below)

(Note that other HTML cannot be included. In doing so, your link will be invisible to viewers.)

You can also include links within the Description section, but of course your reader won’t see that from the initial page view; they would need to click through, and Facebook already provides an area for your website, which people are accustomed to seeing. (Note: You CAN include multiple websites in that section, simply by inserting a comma after each url).

Think of ways you can make that small section of your page intriguing, so readers will want to click your links. Perhaps you’ll use this section to drive viewers to your photo album, one of your most popular blog posts, your new video on YouTube or such. Whatever you do – DON’T include the phrase “Check out my” – that’s the KOD(Kiss of Death)!

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